Where did The Perch come from?

Before we dive into where The Perch comes from, lets give a little backstory. As mentioned in the about page, this is a family blog. Becca and JJ's Dad and Amy's Mom are brother and sister.  The Perch is our way of welcoming you into our family. We all grew up in a small town in south Mississippi. One of those towns where everyone vaguely knows each other or at least knows your relatives. 

We, collectively, had a different growing up experience. Every member of our family is involved in some sort of ministry. Our grandparents planted a church. Bec and J's Dad is the pastor at that church, our uncle is the Music Minister, and Amy's parents are missionaries in El Salvador. Amy grew up between El Salvador and Mississippi and she's fluent in Spanish! We have a super close, tight knit family, and always looked forward to family vacations. Some of our best memories are from family beach trips and tennis matches! We've always been close and involved in ministry. I guess it's in the blood! 

So, now to answer the question of "where did The Perch come from," it's easy. We saw a need to empower, encourage, and equip Girls' Ministers, volunteers, moms, small group leaders, youth leaders, and whoever clicks over to our blog. All 3 of us are passionate about mentoring and believe that we all play a part in shaping the next generation of believers.

We also value community, so we want this to be a place for you to get connected with other Girls' Ministry leaders all over the country and interact with us! We ALL love making new friends. Amy wrote a great post on who The Perch is for that you should check out. 

The 3 of us have seen each other through everything: jobs, graduations, boyfriends, marriage, kids, hard times, and good times. Now, we get to this together!