We would rather talk about THERE{4}Gathering than Halloween!

There is a billboard that I go out of my way to pass several times a week. Seriously, I will drive 10 minutes out of my way to not pass by this gross zombie looking Halloween billboard. Plaid, pumpkins and fall -- YES! Zombies and tissue paper ghosts hanging in trees. -- YUCK!

So, I would rather talk about THERE{4}Gathering than Halloween!

My dear friend Sarah called me a few months ago and said, “You have to meet this lady, Tiffany!” Not too long after we were all lunch-ing and sharing stories. She was right. I am very glad I met Tiffany and I’m very happy to introduce her to you!

In 2012, Tiffany Daniels attended a national teen conference with her daughter, and the mutual experience had a significant impact on both of their lives. She left the conference committing to bring her daughter and friends back every year. However, she was disappointed to learn that the conference would be discontinued. For several years, Tiffany searched for something similar but found nothing. The Lord continued to press on her heart a yearning for this type of transformative encounter for teen girls. At IF:Gathering 2015, God made it clear to her that she needed to stop looking for other options and, instead, step out in faith to launch a teen conference herself. Through her step of faith, and the support of a great board, THERE{4} Teen Gathering was formed, became a nonprofit organization in 2015 and launched their first teen conference in February 2016.

At The Perch we want to not only teach, but we want to train others so that they can be confident and equipped for every good work. Teaching says, “You should make disciples.” Training says, “Here are some tools and practices for making disciples.” Teaching includes why and training includes how.

I shared with Tiffany that I would love to help train the adults who are at the conference in simple discipleship ideas and methods so that women (leaders and moms) are equipped to continue or begin discipling the girls after the event. We both want women of all ages to know how to water a seed in friendship and discipleship that is planted over the weekend. SO, I’m thrilled to share that I will be leading a breakout session at the THERE{4}Gathering! I hope you will join me as I’ll be leading a training time for women to learn how to mentor and disciple!!

They have early bird pricing through, today, October 31st. You can sign up here!